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about this package

This package contains four Monitor classes and a MonitorDemo class, which calls each of the four monitors to demonstrate how Monitors can be used on Workspace objects. The four Monitors are:

Monitors operate on Workspace objects. Your monitor class must implement one or more of the interfaces in weblogic.common, SetMonitor, GetMonitor, and DestroyMonitor. Objects that are targeted for Monitoring must implement one or more of the interfaces in weblogic.common, Setable, Getable, and Destroyable.

how to use this package

To set up this example:

  1. Set up your development shell as described in Setting up your environment.

  2. Compile these examples by following the instructions for each of the example pages listed at the top of this document.

  3. Start WebLogic Server in a separate shell.

  4. Run this example by executing the following command in your development shell:

    $ java examples.workspace.monitor.MonitorDemo t3://hostname:port

    Where hostname:port is the host name and port number of your WebLogic Server.

    MonitorDemo is the only class you will execute directly in this set of examples.

there's more . . .

First check out the other Workspace-related examples, in the examples/workspace/shared and the examples/workspace directories.

Then read the section on using monitors in the Developers Guide, Using WebLogic Workspaces.

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