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about this package

The examples in this package illustrate one of WebLogic's great features, client Workspaces. You can use a Workspace to store any arbitrary object, like a query result set. You can extend the life of the client's Workspace so that the client can disconnect and return to use objects in its Workspace over and over again.

The datacache example demonstrates how you can store a value in the client's Workspace, disconnect, and then return over and over again to continue to store and retrieve values in the Workspace in each session.

The t3clientcache1 and t3clientcache2 illustrate how to connect, disconnect, and reconnect to a client Workspace.

how to use this package

To set up this example:

  1. Set up your development shell as described in Setting up your environment.

  2. Compile these examples by executing the following command in your development shell:

    $ javac -d %CLIENT_CLASSES% *.java

  3. Start WebLogic Server in a separate shell.

  4. Run these examples by executing the following command in your development shell:

    $ java className t3://hostname:port

    Where hostname:port is the host name and port number of your WebLogic Server.

    Where className is the name of the example class.

there's more . . .

First check out the other Workspace-related examples, in the examples/workspace/shared and the examples/workspace/monitor directories.

Then read the Developers Guide for this API, Using WebLogic Workspaces. Also check out the overview in Writing a T3Client application.

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