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Class examples.t3client.ShutdownTest


public class ShutdownTest
extends Object
implements T3ShutdownDef
ShutdownTest is a simple example of the use of the T3ShutdownDef interface for writing a shutdown class. This class logs the time of the shutdown to a file.

To run this example, first set the following properties by adding them to the file:


Note that any class that implements T3ShutdownDef must have a default constructor, as this example does.

Copyright (c) 1996-2000 by BEA Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Constructor Index

 o ShutdownTest()

Method Index

 o setServices(T3ServicesDef)
Sets the services access for this class.
 o shutdown(String, Hashtable)
The shutdown action belongs in this method.
 o ShutdownTest()
Default constructor.


 o ShutdownTest
 public ShutdownTest()


 o setServices
 public void setServices(T3ServicesDef services)
Sets the services access for this class.

 o ShutdownTest
 public void ShutdownTest()
Default constructor. A default constructor is required of any class that implements weblogic.common.T3ShutdownDef.

 o shutdown
 public String shutdown(String name,
                        Hashtable args) throws Exception
The shutdown action belongs in this method. The string argument specifies the virtual name of this class by which it is registered in the file, under the weblogic.system.shutdownClass property. The hashtable argument is a set of name-value pairs that are supplied to this method from the weblogic.system.shutdownArgs property.

name - Virtual name under which this class is registered
args - Set of name-value pairs of arguments for this method
Throws: Exception
if there is an error

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