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package examples.servlets.includes

about this package

These SSI examples show how to use the <#include> tag to include the contents of a file in an HTML page, and how to use the <servlet> tag to embed a servlet in an HTML page.

Note: If you click the .shtml links above, your browser, depending on your configuration, may display a formatted web page. The server-side includes will not function; you must load these pages via WebLogic Server, as described in the next section, to see the results of the server-side includes. Load the files in your text editor to see the HTML source.

how to use this package

  1. Copy the contents of this directory to your document root (myserver/public_html).

  2. Start WebLogic Server.

  3. Use a browser to call each servlet, with a URL that follows the pattern:
    where host is the name of the computer running WebLogic Server, port is the port number where WebLogic Server listens for connections, and filename is the name of the file. For example, here is the URL you enter to test the ServletInclude.shtml file:

there's more . . .

Read more about WebLogic HTTP Servlets in the Developers Guide, Using WebLogic HTTP Servlets.