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public class GUIProxyAuthenticator
implements ProxyAuthenticator
This example class provides a graphical implementation of the weblogic.common.ProxyAuthenticator interface. It queries the user for a username and password for a proxy server that requires authentication.

See the documentation for weblogic.common.ProxyAuthenticator for more details.

The class must be public.

@author Copyright (c) 1998-2000 by BEA Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Constructor Index

 o GUIProxyAuthenticator()
The class must have a public, default constructor.

Method Index

 o actionPerformed(ActionEvent)
 o getLoginAndPassword()
 o init(String, int, String, String)
 o main(String[])
 o windowActivated(WindowEvent)
WindowListener methods
 o windowClosed(WindowEvent)
 o windowClosing(WindowEvent)
 o windowDeactivated(WindowEvent)
 o windowDeiconified(WindowEvent)
 o windowIconified(WindowEvent)
 o windowOpened(WindowEvent)


 o GUIProxyAuthenticator
 public GUIProxyAuthenticator()
The class must have a public, default constructor.


 o init
 public void init(String proxyHost,
                  int proxyPort,
                  String authType,
                  String promptString)
 o getLoginAndPassword
 public synchronized String[] getLoginAndPassword()
 o actionPerformed
 public synchronized void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ev)
 o windowActivated
 public void windowActivated(WindowEvent e)
WindowListener methods

 o windowClosed
 public void windowClosed(WindowEvent e)
 o windowClosing
 public synchronized void windowClosing(WindowEvent e)
 o windowDeactivated
 public void windowDeactivated(WindowEvent e)
 o windowDeiconified
 public void windowDeiconified(WindowEvent e)
 o windowIconified
 public void windowIconified(WindowEvent e)
 o windowOpened
 public void windowOpened(WindowEvent e)
 o main
 public static void main(String a[])

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