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  • SimpleConnectionFilter

  • about this example

    This example implements the interface. WebLogic Server calls the accept() method of the class after gathering information about the connection, including the remote IP address and port number, and the connection protocol (HTTP, HTTPS, T3, T3S, or IIOP). This information is passed to ConnectionFilter.accept() in a ConnectionEvent. accept() can allow the connection by simply returning, or deny the connection by throwing a FilterException.

    how to use this example

    1. Set up your development environment as describe in Setting your development environment.

    2. Compile the classes in this directory using a command like the following for Windows NT:
        $ javac -d $SERVER_CLASSES% *.java

    3. Edit the file and add the following property:\

    4. Edit the filter file in this directory to set up your filters. Read about the file format on the page.

    5. Copy the filter file to the examples/security/net subdirectory of your SERVER_CLASSES directory.

    6. Start WebLogic Server.

    Watch the WebLogic Server log file for messages about denied connections.

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