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about this package

This package takes the simple "HelloWorld" RMI example and extends it to bind multiple unique names in the registry and then display multiple invocations of each to the simple client.

In this package is the Remote interface "Hello," which is implemented by the "HelloImpl" class. The "sayHello" class invokes the Remote class from the command line.

Also included in this directory are build scripts for NT, Microsoft SDK for Java, and UNIX. The script compiles the files in this directory and runs the WebLogic RMI compiler on the implementation class.

There are detailed instructions on converting Sun RMI classes to use WebLogic RMI in the Developers Guide. The instructions here are brief and assume that you have or will look at the Developers Guide.

how to use this package

Configure the server:
  1. Register HelloImpl as a startup class in the file with the following property:
    This entry is already included commented out in the file.
Build the example:
  1. Set up your development shell, as described in Setting up your environment.
  2. The build scripts are: Run the appropriate build script as shown in this example for the JavaSoft JDK running on NT:
      $ build
Run the example:
  1. Start the WebLogic Server in a new command shell.
  2. In your development shell, run the client with the following command:
      $ java examples.rmi.multihello.sayHello

there's more . . .

Read more about this WebLogic service in the Developers Guide, Using WebLogic RMI.