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about this example

This example illustrates how JHTML and the PageCompileServlet servlet can be used with Jolt for WebLogic to access services in TUXEDO. It shows how to:

how to use this example


To use this example you must have:

Setting up the example

  1. Copy the files in this directory to your WebLogic document root. The default document root is the myserver/public_html directory in WebLogic home.

  2. Edit the WebLogic properties file to set up a session pool to your Jolt server. You'll need to add a registration for a startup class to create the session pool, and a shutdown class to clean up. The properties file is shipped with sample registrations for the bankapp example that you can modify and uncomment.

  3. In the startup class registration, modify "appaddrlist" and "failoverlist" with the proper Jolt server hosts and ports.

    Please see the Jolt for WebLogic Server User's Guide for information on how to set up a Jolt Server. You will need to add a Jolt connection pool that connects to your Jolt Server by adding to your file:

    # Demo Jolt pool

  4. Enable JHTML. To do so, check in the WebLogic properties file that the PageCompileServlet has been registered, and that the compiler attribute is set to the full pathname of a working java compiler. For more information on configuring JHTML, see the Administrators Guide, Setting WebLogic properties.

Running the example

To access the TUXEDO sample banking services through Jolt, launch this page in your favorite browser:

where WebLogicURL is the host of the WebLogic Server and port is the port at which WebLogic is listening for login requests. If you are running WebLogic locally, you can use this URL:

Select any of the services and you will be asked for an account number or numbers on which to perform the transaction. Choose any valid account number between 10000 and 10019, and enter a dollar ammount for the transaction.

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Make sure you have read the Developers Guide Jolt for WebLogic Server User's Guide for detailed information on setup and configuration. Other guides that you may find useful in working on this example include the WebLogic Developers Guides Using WebLogic JHTML and Using WebLogic HTTP Servlets. And if you need help setting up WebLogic for JHTML or HTTP, read the Administrators Guide, Setting up WebLogic as an HTTP server.

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