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    These examples demonstrate the use of BEA Jolt from within WebLogic Enterprise JavaBeans and servlets to gain access to BEA TUXEDO services. You should build, run, and inspect the source code to gain an idea about how to extend TUXEDO's services to the internet with WebLogic.

    The examples demonstrate:

    EJB Bankapp example

    Package examples.jolt.ejb.bankapp

    A Enterprise JavaBean that accesses a public TUXEDO Server to demonstrate a simple bank application.

    Servlet SimpApp example

    Package examples.jolt.servlet.simpapp

    A FORM-based html front end that submits a string to an HttpServlet. The Servlet in turn sends this string to a TUXEDO service. The returned data is compiled into a dynamicly generated html file, and sent back to the client browser.

    Servlet Bankapp example

    Package examples.jolt.servlet.bankapp

    A more sophisticated example that uses JHTML. This examples demonstrates how a simple banking application might be inplemented.

    Building and running the examples

    The instructions for building and running each example can be found in each example's directory:

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    Read more about Configuring and using BEA Jolt with the WebLogic Server in:

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