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package examples.jdbc.odbc

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    This package shows how to select data and database metadata with WebLogic's multitier WebLogic JDBC driver, using the JDBC-ODBC bridge and an ODBC driver.

    You must define the data you want access with the ODBC Data Source Administrator. On a Windows computer, use the ODBC Control Panel to define the data source. On other platforms, check the documentation provided with your ODBC driver manager for instructions. You put the Data Source Name (DSN) that you define in ODBC into the database URL to allow the WebLogic T3 driver to open the data source.

    This package also requires a running WebLogic Server and the WebLogic JDBC multitier JDBC driver.

    For more info on WebLogic JDBC and using the JDBC-ODBC bridge, see the Developers Guide, Using WebLogic JDBC, and see the Tech Tip, What do I do with all these connections, anyway?

    how to use this package

    To set up this example:

    1. Set up your development shell as described in Setting up your environment.

    2. Change the ODBC_DSN portion of the URL to match an ODBC Data Source Name (DSN) in your ODBC environment.

    3. Compile the Java file with the following command:

      $ javac -d %CLIENT_CLASSES%

    4. Start the WebLogic Server.

    5. Run this program from a command line, with:

      $ java examples.jdbc.odbc.simpleselect

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