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Class examples.jdbc.informix4.PreparedStatementUnicode


public class PreparedStatementUnicode
This example makes a connection to a database which is using a multibyte codeset. You will need to specify the proper URL and codeset for your database. Consult your Informix installation guide for more information.

The example inserts three Unicode characters into a database and then performs a Select statement and reads the data back into a Result Set. The data is then read in via getUnicodeStream, converted to it's hexadecimal value, and displayed.

To set up this example:

  1. Set up your development shell as described in Package examples.jdbc.informix4.

  2. Change connection parameters to correspond to your Informix Dynamic Server configuration. If you need more help, check the section on connecting to a database in the Developers Guide, Using WebLogic jDriver for Informix.

  3. Change the line containing weblogic.codeset=myCodeset, replacing myCodeset with the name of the codeset used by your database. For testing, try using "cp850".

  4. Compile this example by executing the following command in your development shell:

    $ javac -d c:/weblogic/informix4/classes

  5. Run this example by executing the following command in your development shell:

    $ java examples.jdbc.informix4.PreparedStatementUnicode

Copyright (c) 1999-2000 by BEA Systems, Inc. All rights reserved

Constructor Index

 o PreparedStatementUnicode()

Method Index

 o main(String[])


 o PreparedStatementUnicode
 public PreparedStatementUnicode()


 o main
 public static void main(String argv[]) throws SQLException

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