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public class SpeedTrap
extends Object
This example illustrates the use of WebLogic File Services. SpeedTrap writes a 10 MByte file to the server, reads it back in again, and then reports the data transfer rates.

To run this example, first locate or start a WebLogic Server offering a network-visible file system by setting the property in your file. For example, to configure a WebLogic Server to offer the native file system directory /myserver/fullPath as a network-visible file system named myFiles, set the property in the server's file.

After compiling this directory, call SpeedTrap with three arguments:

You may also call SpeedTrap with two arguments: in which case it will use the empty file system name. The empty file system name refers to the local file system on the client. File names are always absolute on a remote file system, but may be relative on a local file system.

Copyright (c) 1997-1998 by WebLogic, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright (c) 1999-2000 by BEA Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Constructor Index

 o SpeedTrap()

Method Index

 o main(String[])
Runs the SpeedTrap file example.


 o SpeedTrap
 public SpeedTrap()


 o main
 public static void main(String argv[]) throws Exception
Runs the SpeedTrap file example.

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