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package examples.event.clientside

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    This class demonstrates an action that notifies the client that the evaluator for its registration returned true; that is, the client-side notification of an event. The main() in this class sends a series of stock events to WebLogic Server. The evaluate() method for the registration is executed on WebLogic Server. The Action object that is part of the registration calls back to the client that made the registration.

    how to use this package

    1. Set up your development environment as described in Setting your development environment.

    2. Compile the Java file in this directory with a command like this one for Windows NT:
        $ javac -d %CLIENT_CLASSES%

    3. Start the WebLogic Server in your server shell.

    4. In your development shell, start the application as shown here:
        $ java examples.event.clientside.client1 WebLogicURL
      where WebLogicURL is the URL of your WebLogic Server, for example t3://localhost:7001.

    there's more . . .

    Check out the Developers Guide Using WebLogic Events for more about writing event-driven applications.