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WebLogic Server Security Guides

Administering WebLogic Server Security Realms

Setting the "system" user password
Setting the authentication realm name
Setting up users and groups in the properties file
Defining Access Control Lists in the properties file
Defining Access Control lists on URLs

Installing an Alternative Security Realm

Administering the CachingRealm
Administering the Windows NT security realm
Administering the UNIX security realm
Administering the LDAP security realm
Using the RDBMS example security realm

Administering WebLogic SSL

Using WebLogic SSL
Setting SSL properties
Obtaining and installing a server certificate

Managing your Security Environment

Setting up the Java Security Manager for Java 2
Securing a WebLogic Server deployment

Developing with the WebLogic Server Security SPI

Passing username and password with JNDI
Passing a client certificate with JNDI
Mapping certificates to WebLogic Server users
Defining and using custom Acls in an application
Creating a custom security realm
Filtering network connections
Auding security events

Security Examples


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