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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

Package weblogic.time.common

Interface Summary
Schedulable Interface for user-written schedulers.
ScheduleDef Extended interface for user-written schedulers.
ScheduledTriggerDef ScheduledTriggerDef objects are returned by the factory method TimeServicesDef.getScheduledTrigger(), and represent a scheduler-trigger pair.
TimeServicesDef Interface that defines a time service factory.
Triggerable Interface for user-written triggers.
TriggerDef Exteneded interface for user-written triggers.

Class Summary
Scheduler The Scheduler provides a wrapper for user-defined classes that implement Schedulable or ScheduleDef.
TimeRepeat A utility class for scheduling a repeating trigger.
Trigger The Trigger class is a wrapper for user-defined classes that implement Triggerable or TriggerDef.

Exception Summary
TimeTriggerException Class for time-related exceptions.

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