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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

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Packages that use KeyManagementException   

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Methods in that throw KeyManagementException
 void Key.initialize( is)
          Initialize the key from the input stream.
 void os)
          Save the bytes needed for initialization.
 void RSAKey.initialize( is)
          Initialize from the input stream.
 void os)
          Save parameters needed to regenerate object.
abstract  void Certificate.initialize( is)
          This method actually performs the certificate initialization; implemented by a Certificate subclass.
 void Certificate.initialize( file)
          Initialize from a file.
 void Certificate.initialize( url)
          Initialize from a URL.
abstract  boolean Certificate.verify()
          Verify the certificate.
 void Entity.initialize(byte[] data)
          Initialize the entity from data.
          Return the bytes of the name.
 void X509.initialize( is)
          Initialize the certificate from the specified input stream.
 boolean X509.verify()
 boolean X509.verifySignature()

Constructors in that throw KeyManagementException
Certificate.Certificate( is)
          Initialize certificate from a InputStream.
Certificate.Certificate( file)
          Initialize certificate from a file.
Certificate.Certificate( url)
          Initialize certificate from a URL.
X509.X509( is)
X509.X509( file)
X509.X509( url)

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