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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

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 class X500Name
          X.500 names in BER format.

Fields in declared as
protected Key.entity
          The entity associated with the key.
protected Certificate.holder
          The holder of the certificate.
protected Signature.signer
          The signer.

Methods in that return Key.getEntity()
          Get the holder associated with the certificate. Signature.getSigner()

Methods in with parameters of type
 void Key.setEntity( e)
 void Signature.setSigner( s)
 boolean Entity.equals( e)
          Return true if entity's name matches the name of the argument, false otherwise.
 boolean X500Name.equals( e)

Constructors in with parameters of type
Key.Key(byte[] key, e, java.util.Date date)
Key.Key( e, java.util.Date date)
RSAKey.RSAKey(byte[] key, e, java.util.Date date)
RSAKey.RSAKey( e, java.util.Date date)
RSAPrivateKey.RSAPrivateKey(byte[] key, e, java.util.Date date)
RSAPrivateKey.RSAPrivateKey( e, java.util.Date date)
Signature.Signature( c, s, byte[] sigBytes, byte[] doc)
RSAPublicKey.RSAPublicKey(byte[] key, e, java.util.Date date)
RSAPublicKey.RSAPublicKey( e, java.util.Date date)
DigestSignature.DigestSignature(MessageDigest md, c, s, byte[] sig, byte[] doc)
          Create a new DigestSignature with the specified arguments.

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