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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference
Interface ExplicitlyControlled

public interface ExplicitlyControlled

An object that needs to have some access control lists associated explicitly will implement this interface. Normally, an object's access control lists are determined by an ACL name that is based on the object's position in some hierarchy.

The display and navigation of ManagedObject checks for this interface.

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Method Summary getAcl(java.lang.String feature)
          Returns this object's ACLs.

Method Detail


public getAcl(java.lang.String feature)
Returns this object's ACLs. Set feature to null to refer to the implementation itself. Other values for feature are interpreted by the implementation and might well make no difference. When displaying a ManagedObject, this method is called with the name of a property to decide whether that property should be displayed.

feature - Name of feature to be displayed

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