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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference
Interface DynamicUserAcl

public interface DynamicUserAcl
extends BasicRealm

Supports the dynamic creation of ACLs for owned resources. Rather than being able to create arbitrary ACLs, the newUserAcl member function creates a new ACL that refines an existing ACL by adding permissions for the current user. This allows everyone to create standard ACLs for resources they created themselves.

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Method Summary
 void newUserAcl(java.lang.String newName, char separator,[] permissions)
          Adds a new Acl to a Realm that grants the current user permissions.
Methods inherited from interface
getAcl, getAcl, getAclOwner, getGroup, getName, getPermission, getUser, getUser, init, load, save

Method Detail


public void newUserAcl(java.lang.String newName,
                       char separator,
             [] permissions)
                throws java.lang.SecurityException
Adds a new Acl to a Realm that grants the current user permissions. Throws a security exception if an Acl by that name already exists or the current thread is not auditable. The permissions are added to the entries found in the default Acl obtained by getAcl(newName, separator).

newName - Name of Acl to be added
separator - Character separator for an Acl hierarchy
permissions - Array of permissions to add to the Acl
java.lang.SecurityException - if the Acl cannot be added

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