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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

Uses of Interface

Packages that use Remote   

Uses of Remote in

Subinterfaces of Remote in
 interface COMObject
          This interface is the super-interface to all the generated COM wrappers.

Methods in that return Remote
 Remote Server.lookup(java.lang.String url)
          Returns an Remote object based on the URL string
 Remote Tengah.lookup(java.lang.String url)

Uses of Remote in weblogic.jdbc.common

Subinterfaces of Remote in weblogic.jdbc.common
 interface JdbcServices
          Interface for JdbcT3 services.
 interface Pool
          Interface for JdbcT3 services.

Uses of Remote in weblogic.jms

Subinterfaces of Remote in weblogic.jms
 interface ConnectionConsumerManager
 interface SessionPoolManager

Uses of Remote in weblogic.jndi

Subinterfaces of Remote in weblogic.jndi
 interface TengahContext
          Deprecated. Replaced by WLContext
 interface WLContext
          Interface for a WebLogic naming context.

Uses of Remote in weblogic.rmi

Methods in weblogic.rmi that return Remote
static Remote Naming.lookup(java.lang.String name)

Methods in weblogic.rmi with parameters of type Remote
static void Naming.bind(java.lang.String name, Remote impl)
static void Naming.rebind(java.lang.String name, Remote obj)

Uses of Remote in weblogic.rmi.dgc

Subinterfaces of Remote in weblogic.rmi.dgc
 interface DGC
          This interface is provided strictly for compatibility with java.rmi.*

Uses of Remote in weblogic.rmi.extensions

Methods in weblogic.rmi.extensions that return Remote
static Remote RMIFactory.create(java.lang.String url, java.lang.String className, boolean rebind)
          Instantiates a server-side RMI implementation object, and binds it to the naming given.

Uses of Remote in weblogic.rmi.registry

Subinterfaces of Remote in weblogic.rmi.registry
 interface Registry
          This interface is provided for compatibility with java.rmi.*

Classes in weblogic.rmi.registry that implement Remote
 class LocateRegistry
          This class is provided for compatibility with the java.rmi.* package.

Methods in weblogic.rmi.registry that return Remote
 Remote LocateRegistry.lookup(java.lang.String name)
          Returns a Remote object (an initialized instance of a stub or the instance of a colocated object), if the object is found in the weblogic.rmi name space.
 Remote Registry.lookup(java.lang.String string)

Methods in weblogic.rmi.registry with parameters of type Remote
 void LocateRegistry.bind(java.lang.String name, Remote o)
          Binds a name to a Remote object in the registry, unless the name is already bound in the registry.
 void LocateRegistry.rebind(java.lang.String name, Remote o)
          Rebinds a name to a Remote object.
 void Registry.bind(java.lang.String string, Remote remote)
 void Registry.rebind(java.lang.String string, Remote remote)

Uses of Remote in weblogic.rmi.server

Classes in weblogic.rmi.server that implement Remote
 class RemoteObject
          This class is provided strictly for compatibility with java.rmi.*
 class RemoteServer
          This abstract class is provided strictly for compatibility with java.rmi.*
 class RemoteStub
          This abstract class is provided strictly for compatibility with java.rmi.*
 class UnicastRemoteObject
          This class is provided strictly for compatibility with java.rmi.*

Methods in weblogic.rmi.server that return Remote
static Remote RemoteObject.toStub(Remote obj)
static Remote UnicastRemoteObject.exportObject(java.lang.Object o)

Methods in weblogic.rmi.server with parameters of type Remote
static Remote RemoteObject.toStub(Remote obj)
static boolean RemoteServer.unexportObject(Remote impl, boolean force)
 RemoteStub ServerRef.exportObject(Remote remote, java.lang.Object object)
 void Skeleton.dispatch(Remote remote, RemoteCall remoteCall, int i, long j)

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