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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

Class Statement


public class Statement
extends weblogic.jdbcbase.t3.Statement
implements java.sql.Statement, weblogic.jdbc.common.internal.Msg

This class contains WebLogic extensions to JDBC. Only the extensions are documented here.

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Fields inherited from class weblogic.jdbcbase.t3.Statement
conn, getparams, getparamsretrieved, lastparam, paramcount, prepstmt, resultset, stmtargs
Constructor Summary
Statement(java.lang.String sql)
Method Summary
 void fetchSize(int size)
          This method is added so that T3 clients can access this function in the OCI driver.
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Constructor Detail


public Statement(java.lang.String sql)


public Statement()
Method Detail


public void fetchSize(int size)
               throws java.sql.SQLException
This method is added so that T3 clients can access this function in the OCI driver. jdbc.oci.Statement.fetchSize(int size) is being made public so that customers may tune the size of prefetch array used for Oracle row results. Oracle provides the means to do data prefetch in batches. This economizes on network traffic and latency for row requests. The default batch size is 100. Memory for 100 rows is allocated in the native stack for every query. For queries with fewer needed rows, this size can be profitably set to a more appro- priate size. This saves on the swappable image size of the application, and will benefit performance if only as many rows as needed are fetched.

fetchSize in class weblogic.jdbcbase.t3.Statement

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