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Class Connection


public class Connection
extends weblogic.jdbcbase.oci.Connection

This class is documented only for WebLogic extensions to JDBC. For additional information, see the documentation for java.sql.Connection. To use this extension, cast your Connection object as weblogic.jdbc.oci.Connection

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Fields inherited from class weblogic.jdbcbase.oci.Connection
allowmixedmetadata, driver, insPieceLength, lobs, meta, ociconn, selPieceLength, url, warnings
Constructor Summary
Connection(java.util.Properties info)
Method Summary
 void waitOnResources(boolean val)
          Use this method to access the Oracle oopt() function for C (see section 4-97 of The OCI Functions for C).
Methods inherited from class weblogic.jdbcbase.oci.Connection
addLob, autocommitState, checkIfClosed, clearWarnings, close, closeLob, commit, connectionName, connectionState, datewidth, datewidth, driverType, eventState, eventTopicRoot, finalize, getAllConnections, getAutoCommit, getCatalog, getDescription, getName, getNumberOfConnections, getNumberOfStatements, getTransactionIsolation, getWarnings, isClosed, isolationLevel, isReadOnly, lastSQL, nativeSQL, prefetchSize, resourcesQueuing, rollback, setAutoCommit, setCatalog, setLockArrayFetch, setLockBindCursorByPosition, setLockBindSelectItem, setLockBindVariableByPosition, setLockCancel, setLockClose, setLockDescribe, setLockExec, setLockExecAndFetch, setLockFetch, setLockOopt, setLockOpen, setLockParse, setOciVerbose, setReadOnly, setTransactionIsolation, sharedLibVersion, statementCount, supportsPrefetch, weblogicVersion
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Constructor Detail


public Connection(java.util.Properties info)
           throws java.sql.SQLException
Method Detail


public void waitOnResources(boolean val)
Use this method to access the Oracle oopt() function for C (see section 4-97 of The OCI Functions for C). The Oracle C function sets options in cases where requested resources are not available; for example, whether to wait for locks.

When the argument to this method is true, this WebLogic extension to JDBC sets this option so that your program will receive an error return code whenever a resource is requested but is unavailable. Use of this method can cause several error return codes while waiting for internal resources that are locked for short durations.

val - True if the connection should wait on resources
waitOnResources in class weblogic.jdbcbase.oci.Connection

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