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Class CallableStatement


public class CallableStatement
extends weblogic.jdbc.oci.PreparedStatement
implements java.sql.CallableStatement, OracleCallableStatement

This class contains WebLogic extensions to JDBC to support the use of cursors as parameters in CallableStatements. Only those methods are documented here.

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Fields inherited from class weblogic.jdbcbase.oci.Statement
closed, connection, current_queryresult, cursorparams, doExtendedSQL, fetchsize, jdk_codeset, lastvalnull, maxfieldsize, maxrows, nullvalid, ociconn, ocicursor, updatecnt, warnings
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 java.sql.ResultSet getResultSet(int parameterIndex)
          Used to get a ResultSet back from a Stored Procedure which has had a Cursor bound to an OUT Parameter
Methods inherited from class weblogic.jdbc.oci.Statement
Methods inherited from class weblogic.jdbcbase.oci.Statement
addBatch, addBatch, addWarning, cancel, checkIfArgNull, checkIfClosed, checkJdbcSql, clearBatch, clearParameters, clearWarnings, close_cursor, close, execute, execute, executeBatch, executeQuery, executeQuery, executeUpdate, executeUpdate, fetchSize, finalize, getBigDecimal, getBoolean, getByte, getBytes, getDate, getDouble, getFloat, getInt, getLong, getMaxFieldSize, getMaxRows, getMoreResults, getObject, getQueryTimeout, getResultSet, getShort, getString, getTime, getTimestamp, getUpdateCount, getWarnings, parse, registerOutParameter, registerOutParameter, setAsciiStream, setBigDecimal, setBinaryStream, setBoolean, setByte, setBytes, setCursorName, setDate, setDate, setDouble, setEscapeProcessing, setFloat, setInt, setLong, setMaxFieldSize, setMaxRows, setNull, setObject, setObject, setObject, setQueryTimeout, setReader, setShort, setStream, setString, setTime, setTime, setTimestamp, setTimestamp, setUnicodeStream, wasNull
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Constructor Detail


public CallableStatement()
Method Detail


public java.sql.ResultSet getResultSet(int parameterIndex)
                                throws java.sql.SQLException
Used to get a ResultSet back from a Stored Procedure which has had a Cursor bound to an OUT Parameter
Specified by:
getResultSet in interface OracleCallableStatement

getResultSet in class weblogic.jdbcbase.oci.Statement

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