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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

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Packages that use TextAreaElement

Uses of TextAreaElement in weblogic.html

Methods in weblogic.html that return TextAreaElement
 TextAreaElement TextAreaElement.setContent(java.lang.String val)
          Sets the contents of a TextAreaElement.
 TextAreaElement TextAreaElement.setRows(int val)
          Sets the number of rows of a TextAreaElement.
 TextAreaElement TextAreaElement.setCols(int val)
          Sets the number of columns of a TextAreaElement.
 TextAreaElement TextAreaElement.setDisabled(boolean disable)
          Disables the text area.
 TextAreaElement TextAreaElement.setName(java.lang.String val)
          Sets the name of a TextAreaElement.
 TextAreaElement TextAreaElement.setTabindex(java.lang.String tabindex)
          Sets the TABINDEX attribute for a TextAreaElement.
 TextAreaElement TextAreaElement.setTabindex(int tabindex)
          Sets the tabbing order for a TextAreaElement, which defines the order in which page elements get the focus when a user navigates the page with a keyboard.
 TextAreaElement TextAreaElement.setWrap(WrapType val)
          Sets the WRAP attribute of a TextAreaElement.
 TextAreaElement TextAreaElement.setOnFocus(java.lang.String val)
          Sets the ONFOCUS attribute of a TextAreaElement.
 TextAreaElement TextAreaElement.setOnBlur(java.lang.String val)
          Sets the ONBLUR attribute of a TextAreaElement.
 TextAreaElement TextAreaElement.setOnSelect(java.lang.String val)
          Sets the ONSELECT attribute of a TextAreaElement.
 TextAreaElement TextAreaElement.setOnChange(java.lang.String val)
          Sets the ONCHANGE attribute of a TextAreaElement.

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