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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

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Packages that use TextAlignType

Uses of TextAlignType in weblogic.html

Fields in weblogic.html declared as TextAlignType
static TextAlignType TextAlignType.left
          Aligns text along the left margin.
static TextAlignType TextAlignType.right
          Aligns text along the right margin.
static TextAlignType
          Aligns text in the center.
static TextAlignType TextAlignType.justify
          Justifies text where practical, otherwise gives the same effect as setting the align to 'left'.

Methods in weblogic.html with parameters of type TextAlignType
 DivElement DivElement.setAlign(TextAlignType val)
          Sets the alignment of a DivElement.
 HeadingElement HeadingElement.setAlign(TextAlignType align)
          Sets the ALIGN attribute for a HeadingElement.
 ParagraphElement ParagraphElement.setAlign(TextAlignType align)
          Sets the alignment of a paragraph.

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