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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

Uses of Class

Packages that use THeadElement

Uses of THeadElement in weblogic.html

Methods in weblogic.html that return THeadElement
protected  THeadElement THeadElement.setAlign(AlignType align)
          Sets the ALIGN attribute for a THeadElement.
 THeadElement THeadElement.setVAlign(AlignType align)
          Sets the vertical alignment for a ColGroupElement.
 THeadElement THeadElement.setCharAlign(java.lang.String chr)
          Sets the ALIGN attribute for a ColGroupElement to "char", and sets the character for alignment as specified.
 THeadElement THeadElement.setCharOffset(int offset)
          Sets the offset of an alignment character.
 THeadElement THeadElement.setCharOffset(java.lang.String chr, int offset)
          Sets the offset of the specified alignment character on each line.
 THeadElement THeadElement.addElement(TableRowElement tre)
 THeadElement TableElement.getTHead()
          Returns the THead section of a TableElement.

Methods in weblogic.html with parameters of type THeadElement
 TableElement TableElement.addElement(THeadElement the)
          Adds a THeadElement to a TableElement.

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