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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

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 class AcronymElement
          An AcronymElement is used to mark a sequence of characters that compose an acronym.
 class AddressElement
          Use an AddressElement to create the ADDRESS element on an HtmlPage.
 class AnchorElement
          Use an AnchorElement object to create hypertext links in a document.
 class AreaElement
          This class supports Netscape client-side image maps.
 class BaseElement
          A BaseElement object is analogous to an HTML BASE element.
 class BaseFontElement
          Deprecated. Use StyleElement
 class BigElement
          A BigElement is used to place text in a large font.
 class BlockquoteElement
          A BlockquoteElement is used for quotes or citations that appear in an indented block in a document.
 class BodyElement
          The BodyElement class is used to set attributes for the body of an HtmlPage.
 class BoldElement
          A BoldElement is used to set the font attribute to bold-face type.
 class BreakElement
          This class extends the functionality of the convenient MarkupElement.Break.
 class ButtonElement
          A ButtonElement is used as a special kind of input element on an HTML form.
 class CenteredElement
          Deprecated. Use DivElement.setCentered()
 class CiteElement
          A CiteElement is used for citations or references to other sources.
 class CodeElement
          A CodeElement is used to add strong emphasis to a phrase.
 class ColElement
 class CommentElement
          A CommentElement is used to place comments within an HtmlPage.
 class DefineTermElement
          A DefineTermElement is used to mark the defining instance of the enclosed term.
 class DefinitionItem
          A DefinitionItem object is made up of a term and a definition.
 class EmbedElement
          Use an EmbedElement to insert an arbitrary object directly into an HTML page.
 class EmphasisElement
          An EmphasisElement is used to add basic emphasis to a phrase.
 class FontElement
          Deprecated. Use StyleElement
 class FrameElement
          Add one FrameElement for each frame to a FrameSetElement object to lay out multiple frames.
 class HeadingElement
          HeadingElement objects are used to add HTML headings (H1, H2, etc.) to an htmlKona page.
 class HorizontalRuleElement
          This class extends the functionality of the convenient MarkupElement.HoriztonalLine or MarkupElement.HorizontalRule.
 class ImageElement
          An ImageElement is used to display an image (GIF/JPEG) on an htmlKona page and set the HTML attributes of the image, such as source, border, size, and alignment.
 class InputElement
          An InputElement object is used to capture user input on an htmlKona FormElement.
 class IsIndexElement
          Deprecated. Use a standard InputElement instead
 class ItalicElement
          An ItalicElement displays italicized type.
 class KeyboardElement
          A KeyboardElement is used for text that is to be typed by the user.
 class LegendElement
          The LegendElement sets a legend for a FieldsetElement.
 class LinkElement
          This class has been superceded in version 2.1 by the AnchorElement.
 class LinkHeadElement
          A LinkHeadElement is used to add a LINK element to the head portion of an HtmlPage.
 class ListItem
          ListItems are added to a ListElement object (or an object from one of its subclasses, OrderedList, and UnorderedList) to build a list on an htmlKona page.
 class LiteralElement
          LiteralElement objects are used to pass data to the htmlKona engine that creates the HTML exactly as it exists.
 class MetaElement
          A MetaElement is used to add META information to the head portion of an HtmlPage.
 class MultiColElement
          Use a MultiColElement to display text in a multicolumn format on an HtmlPage.
 class ObjectElement
          An ObjectElement, introduced in HTML 4.0, provides a generic method for including various resources in a document, including images, applets, files, and image maps.
 class OptionElement
          Use OptionElement objects to build a SelectElement.
 class ParagraphElement
          This class extends the functionality of the convenient MarkupElement.BeginParagraph/EndParagraph.
 class ParamElement
          A ParamElement is used to set applet parameters for an AppletElement.
 class QElement
          A QElement is used for quotes or citations that appear inline a document.
 class SampleElement
          A SampleElement is used for sample output from programs, scripts, etc.
 class ScriptElement
          Use a ScriptElement to add a JavaScript script to an HtmlPage.
 class SmallElement
          A SmallElement is used to place text in a small font.
 class SpacerElement
          Use a SpacerElement to control the spacing between objects and whitespace on an HtmlPage.
 class StrikeElement
 class StrongElement
          A StrongElement is used to add strong emphasis to a phrase.
 class StyleElement
          The StyleElement provides a means for including rendering information with style notation.
 class SubscriptElement
          A SubscriptElement object is used to set the subscript attribute for an HtmlElement.
 class SuperscriptElement
          A SuperscriptElement object is used to set the superscript attribute for an HtmlElement.
 class TableCaptionElement
          A TableCaptionElement object is used to set the caption and its attributes for an htmlKona TableElement.
 class TableDataElement
          A TableDataElement object is used to display a single cell of an htmlKona TableElement.
 class TableHeadingElement
          A TableHeadingElement object is used to set the heading for a column in a TableElement.
 class TeletypeElement
          A TeletypeElement is used to set the font attribute to a teletype or monospace, typewriter-like font.
 class TextAreaElement
          A TextAreaElement is used to capture user input in a text field on a form.
 class TextFlowElement
          Use a TextFlowElement to supply alternate text for an AppletElement.
 class TitleElement
          A TitleElement is used to add TITLE information to the head portion of an HtmlPage.
 class UnderlineElement
 class VariableElement
          A VariableElement is used for variables or arguments to commands.

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