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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

Uses of Class

Packages that use RulesType

Uses of RulesType in weblogic.html

Fields in weblogic.html declared as RulesType
static RulesType RulesType.none
          Renders no internal rulings.
static RulesType RulesType.groups
          Places a horizontal rule between each row group and a vertical rule between each column group.
static RulesType RulesType.rows
          Rulings like RulesType.groups, plus horizontal rules between all rows.
static RulesType RulesType.cols
          Rulings like RulesType.groups, plus vertical rules between all columns.
static RulesType RulesType.all
          Places rules between all rows and all columns.

Methods in weblogic.html with parameters of type RulesType
 TableElement TableElement.setFramework(FrameType frame, RulesType rules)
          Sets the FRAME and RULES attributes.

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