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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

Uses of Class

Packages that use DivElement

Uses of DivElement in weblogic.html

Methods in weblogic.html that return DivElement
 DivElement DivElement.addElement(HtmlElement val)
          Adds an HtmlElement to a DivElement.
 DivElement DivElement.addElement(java.lang.String val)
          Adds a StringElement to a DivElement.
 DivElement DivElement.setNoWrap()
          Sets the wrap attribute of a DivElement to NOWRAP.
 DivElement DivElement.setAlign(TextAlignType val)
          Sets the alignment of a DivElement.
 DivElement DivElement.setCentered()
          Sets a DivElement to centered alignment.
 DivElement DivElement.setClear(java.lang.String val)
          Sets the clear attribute for a DivElement.
 DivElement DivElement.setClear(ClearType val)
          Sets the clear attribute for a DivElement.

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