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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

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Uses of AnchorElement in weblogic.html

Subclasses of AnchorElement in weblogic.html
 class LinkElement
          This class has been superceded in version 2.1 by the AnchorElement.

Methods in weblogic.html that return AnchorElement
 AnchorElement HtmlElement.asAnchorElement(java.lang.String anchorname)
          Returns an HtmlElement as an AnchorElement with the NAME attribute set to the specified anchorname.
 AnchorElement AnchorElement.setHref(java.lang.String url)
          Sets the HREF attribute for a AnchorElement.
 AnchorElement AnchorElement.setHref(HtmlElement url)
          Sets the HREF attribute for an AnchorElement.
 AnchorElement AnchorElement.setName(java.lang.String name)
          Sets the NAME attribute for an AnchorElement.
 AnchorElement AnchorElement.setOnMouseOver(java.lang.String event)
          Sets the ONMOUSEOVER attribute for a AnchorElement.
 AnchorElement AnchorElement.setOnClick(java.lang.String event)
          Sets the ONCLICK attribute for a AnchorElement.
 AnchorElement AnchorElement.setTabindex(java.lang.String tabindex)
          Sets the TABINDEX attribute for an AnchorElement.
 AnchorElement AnchorElement.setTabindex(int tabindex)
          Sets the tabbing order for an AnchorElement, which defines the order in which page elements get the focus when a user navigates the page with a keyboard.
 AnchorElement AnchorElement.setTarget(java.lang.String target)
          Sets the TARGET attribute for a AnchorElement.
 AnchorElement AnchorElement.setTarget(WindowName target)
          Sets the TARGET attribute for a AnchorElement.
 AnchorElement AnchorElement.setTitle(java.lang.String title)
          Sets the TITLE attribute for an AnchorElement.

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