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Interface EvaluateDef

All Known Implementing Classes:
EvaluateTrue, EvaluateTime

public interface EvaluateDef

Interface for user-written evaluators. An Evaluate object that instantiates a user-written evaluate class is used as an argument to the EventServicesDef.getEventRegistration() method, which requests an EventRegistration from the event services factory. The user-written class, which is in the CLASSPATH of the T3Server (as weblogic.system.classpath property), is dynamically loaded into the T3Server the first time any registration specifies it.

Because the Java class loader does not permit the passing or arguments to the constructors of dynamically loaded classes, the constructor for any user-written class that implements this interface must be a default constructor, that is, one that takes no arguments. The user-written registerInit() method takes the registration parameters as an input argument and allows the newly-constructed action object to inspect and act upon the registration parameters at the time of registration.

Note: The isLongRunning() method is deprecated in release 2.5. Users no longer need to implement this method in classes that implement this interface.

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See Also:
EventServicesDef, EventRegistrationDef

Method Summary
 boolean evaluate(EventMessageDef ev)
          Evaluates the specified EventMessage.
 void registerInit(ParamSet params)
          Initializes an evaluator with the specified set of parameters.
 void setServices(T3ServicesDef services)
          Sets the services object for the Evaluator.

Method Detail


public void registerInit(ParamSet params)
                  throws ParamSetException
Initializes an evaluator with the specified set of parameters. Since dynamically loaded classes cannot pass arguments in a constructor, this method is used to pass registration parameters to the newly-constructed evaluator object.

params - ParamSet object
ParamSetException - if there is an error with the parameter set


public boolean evaluate(EventMessageDef ev)
                 throws ParamSetException
Evaluates the specified EventMessage. The T3Server calls this method when the topic of a submitted EventMessage matches a registration of interest. If this method returns true, a user-written action() method (from a class that implements weblogic.event.actions.ActionDef) is invoked.

ev - EventMessage object
True if event
ParamSetException - if there is an error with the parameter set
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public void setServices(T3ServicesDef services)
Sets the services object for the Evaluator. The evaluator can use the services reference to obtain access to other services in the T3Server.

services - A T3ServicesDef object

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