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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

Uses of Interface

Packages that use ActionDef   

Uses of ActionDef in

Classes in that implement ActionDef
 class EventProxy
          EventProxy sends event messages to the associate ServerListeners

Uses of ActionDef in weblogic.db.jdbc

Classes in weblogic.db.jdbc that implement ActionDef
 class EventfulTableDataSet
          An EventfulTableDataSet is a dbKona TableDataSet that sends and receives events when its data is updated locally or in the DBMS.

Methods in weblogic.db.jdbc with parameters of type ActionDef
 void EventfulTableDataSet.setEventfulObject(ActionDef action)
          Sets the action object that is invoked when one of the EventfulRecords in an EventfulTableDataSet is changed.

Uses of ActionDef in weblogic.event.actions

Classes in weblogic.event.actions that implement ActionDef
 class ActionEmail
          Class for creating an Action that is an email notification that an event has occurred.
 class ActionLog
          Class for creating an Action that logs the occurrence of an event.
 class ActionNull
          A simple action method that does nothing.
 class ActionRedirect
          Internal use only.
 class ActionRefreshPool
          Action class for use in setting up automatic refresh of JdbcT3 connection pools.
 class ActionUDP
          Class for creating an Action that sends a UDP message to the log.

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