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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

Uses of Class

Packages that use Value

Uses of Value in weblogic.db.jdbc

Fields in weblogic.db.jdbc declared as Value
protected  Value[] Record.values

Methods in weblogic.db.jdbc that return Value
 Value Record.getValue(int pos)
          Returns the Value at the specified 1-based index position in a Record.
 Value Record.getValue(java.lang.String colname)
          Returns the Value for the specified column name in a Record.

Methods in weblogic.db.jdbc with parameters of type Value
 Record Record.setValue(int pos, Value val)
          Sets the Value at the specified index position to a Value.
 Record Record.setValue(java.lang.String colname, Value val)
          Sets the Value at the specified column name to a Value.

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