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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

Uses of Interface

Packages that use WLSerializable

Uses of WLSerializable in weblogic.beans.common

Classes in weblogic.beans.common that implement WLSerializable
 class ClientEnumeration
          This class is used for managing T3Bean clients, which exist as an Enumeration.
 class T3BeanMsg
          T3BeanMsg objects are used to pass events about changing state between T3Beans and between T3Beans and the T3Server.

Uses of WLSerializable in weblogic.beans.reflector

Classes in weblogic.beans.reflector that implement WLSerializable
 class Reference
          Class for managing T3Bean References.

Uses of WLSerializable in

Classes in that implement WLSerializable
 class Variant

Uses of WLSerializable in weblogic.common

Classes in weblogic.common that implement WLSerializable
 class Monitor
          The Monitor class provides constructors for Monitor objects.
 class ParamSet
          A ParamSet object is used to set parameters for events and remote procedures.
 class ParamValue
          A ParamValue is the value part of a name/value pair used for events and remote procedures.
 class T3User
          The T3User object is an implementation of that is backward compatible with WebLogic versions before 2.6.

Uses of WLSerializable in weblogic.common.internal

Classes in weblogic.common.internal that implement WLSerializable
 class weblogic.common.internal.RemoteEntryPoint
          This implements a class that can be instantiated across the a t3 network.

Uses of WLSerializable in weblogic.db.jdbc

Classes in weblogic.db.jdbc that implement WLSerializable
 class Column
          A Column object contains the meta information for a table attribute.
 class DataSet
          DataSet is the abstract parent class of TableDataSet and QueryDataSet.
 class EventfulRecord
          An EventfulRecord is a dbKona record that sends events when it is changed.
 class EventfulTableDataSet
          An EventfulTableDataSet is a dbKona TableDataSet that sends and receives events when its data is updated locally or in the DBMS.
 class QueryDataSet
          A QueryDataSet holds the results of an arbitrary SQL query.
 class Schema
          A Schema contains metadata about the attributes associated with a DataSet.
 class TableDataSet
          A TableDataSet holds the results of an SQL query on a single table.

Uses of WLSerializable in weblogic.event.actions

Classes in weblogic.event.actions that implement WLSerializable
 class Action
          The Action class provides constructors for an Action object, used as an argument for the EventRegistration constructor.

Uses of WLSerializable in weblogic.event.evaluators

Classes in weblogic.event.evaluators that implement WLSerializable
 class Evaluate
          The Evaluate class provides constructors for Evaluate objects.

Uses of WLSerializable in

Classes in that implement WLSerializable
 class DefaultUserInfoImpl
          DefaultUserInfoImpl is the default implementation of the UserInfo interface.
 class SSLUserInfo

Uses of WLSerializable in weblogic.time.common

Classes in weblogic.time.common that implement WLSerializable
 class Scheduler
          The Scheduler provides a wrapper for user-defined classes that implement Schedulable or ScheduleDef.
 class Trigger
          The Trigger class is a wrapper for user-defined classes that implement Triggerable or TriggerDef.

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