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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

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Uses of MonitorException in weblogic.common

Methods in weblogic.common that throw MonitorException
 java.lang.Object Destroyable.destroyValue()
          Destroys a monitored object.
 MonitorDef Monitor.newInstance(T3ServicesDef services)
          Creates an instance of the user-written class and calls its monitorInit() and setServices() methods.
 java.lang.Object Setable.setValue(java.lang.Object value)
          Sets a Setable object to the specified value.
 java.lang.Object Setable.newValue(java.lang.Object value)
          Sets a Setable object to a new value.
 void GetMonitor.preGet(Getable target, ParamSet callbackData)
          Called prior to accessing a target object.
 void DestroyMonitor.preDestroy(Destroyable target, ParamSet callbackData)
          Called prior to destroying the target object.
 java.lang.Object Getable.getValue()
          Gets the value of a monitored object.
 void SetMonitor.preSet(Setable target, ParamSet callbackData)
          Called prior to a modification to the target object.

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