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Interface T3ShutdownDef

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public interface T3ShutdownDef

T3ShutdownDef defines the interface for user-written shutdown objects.

A class that implements this interface and is registered in WebLogic's file will be automatically executed when the WebLogic Server shuts down, and its shutdown method will be called. For more information on registering a shutdown class, check the Administrators Guide document, Setting WebLogic properties, in the WebLogic Server documentation.

Any class that implements this interface must have a public default constructor. For example, class "foo" must have a constructor like:

   public foo() {

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Method Summary
 void setServices(T3ServicesDef services)
          Sets the services object.
 java.lang.String shutdown(java.lang.String name, java.util.Hashtable ht)
          The shutdown method is called by the WebLogic Server when your object is launched.

Method Detail


public void setServices(T3ServicesDef services)
Sets the services object. The instantiation of a class that implements this interface uses the services reference to obtain access to services in WebLogic.

services - Access to services in WebLogic


public java.lang.String shutdown(java.lang.String name,
                                 java.util.Hashtable ht)
                          throws java.lang.Exception
The shutdown method is called by the WebLogic Server when your object is launched. Its arguments are supplied by the registration in WebLogic's file. The "name" argument is the virtual_name for the shutdownClass property as it has been registered in the file. Arguments are passed to the user-written shutdown() method as a set of name-value pairs in a Hashtable; those name-value pairs are also registered in the file.

name - Virtual name by which the class is registered as a shutdownClass in the file
ht - A Hashtable that is made up of the name-value pairs supplied from the shutdownArgs property
String that is sent to the log file
java.lang.Exception - if there is an error

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