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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

Interface SetMonitor

public interface SetMonitor
extends MonitorDef

Used to monitor modifications to a Setable object in the WebLogic Server. Implement this interface to create a monitor that can operate on a target object before or after a call to its set method takes place.

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Method Summary
 void postSet(Setable target, ParamSet callbackData, java.lang.Exception e)
          Called following a modification to the target object.
 void preSet(Setable target, ParamSet callbackData)
          Called prior to a modification to the target object.
Methods inherited from interface weblogic.common.MonitorDef
monitorInit, setServices

Method Detail


public void preSet(Setable target,
                   ParamSet callbackData)
            throws MonitorException
Called prior to a modification to the target object.

target - Object about to be modified
callbackData - User-supplied callback data
MonitorException - if the operation fails or is blocked


public void postSet(Setable target,
                    ParamSet callbackData,
                    java.lang.Exception e)
Called following a modification to the target object. The argument "e" is an exception that occurred during a call to the preSet() method, or while performing the task itself. If "e" is not null, then the preSet() task did not succeed.

target - Modified object
callbackData - User-supplied callback data
e - Exception that occurred in preSet

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