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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

Interface MonitorDef

All Known Subinterfaces:
DestroyMonitor, GetMonitor, SetMonitor

public interface MonitorDef

Implement this interface to create the class that will be constructed as a Monitor object in the WebLogic Server.

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Method Summary
 void monitorInit(ParamSet params, boolean isMaster)
          Initializes a Monitor with the specified set of parameters.
 void setServices(T3ServicesDef services)
          Sets the services object for the monitor.

Method Detail


public void monitorInit(ParamSet params,
                        boolean isMaster)
                 throws ParamSetException
Initializes a Monitor with the specified set of parameters. Since dynamically loaded classes cannot pass arguments in a constructor, this method is used to pass parameters to the newly-constructed monitor object. Set the boolean "isMaster" to true to make the Monitor a Master Monitor, which is guaranteed to execute before any other Monitor and may alter the state of a Monitored object.

params - ParamSet object
isMaster - true if the Monitor should be a Master Monitor
ParamSetException - if there is an error with the parameter set


public void setServices(T3ServicesDef services)
Sets the services object for the monitor. The Monitor uses the services reference to obtain access to other services in the WebLogic Server.

services - A T3ServicesDef object

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