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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

Package weblogic.beans.common

Interface Summary
RegistrationDef Internal use only.
T3Bean Interface for T3Beans.
T3BeanServicesDef Deprecated. Use RMI instead.
T3BeanTransportDef Interface for T3Bean event communications.

Class Summary
ClientEnumeration This class is used for managing T3Bean clients, which exist as an Enumeration.
T3BeanMsg T3BeanMsg objects are used to pass events about changing state between T3Beans and between T3Beans and the T3Server.

Exception Summary
AlreadyImplementedException Class for handling Exceptions thrown when an implementation already exists and a stub is attempting to migrate to the implementation.
NotImplementedException Class for Exceptions thrown when an invocation is attempted on a T3Bean for which an implementation cannot be located.
UnbindException Class for Exceptions thrown when an attempt is made to unbind a T3Bean impl for which there are existing clients.

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