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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

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Packages that use T3BeanMsg

Uses of T3BeanMsg in weblogic.beans.common

Methods in weblogic.beans.common with parameters of type T3BeanMsg
 void T3Bean.t3BeanServicesEventOccurred(T3BeanMsg t3bm)
          Passes a T3BeanMsg event message to a T3Bean.
 void T3BeanTransportDef.sendParameterEvent(T3BeanMsg jm)
          Sends an event representing a parameter change.
 int T3BeanTransportDef.sendMethodInvokeEvent(T3BeanMsg jm)
          Sends an event regarding a method invocation and returns an invocation ID that can be used to get the result.
 void T3BeanTransportDef.putMethodResult(T3BeanMsg jm)
          Sends the result to the invoker.
 void T3BeanTransportDef.sendMethodResultEvent(T3BeanMsg jm)
          Sends an event representing the result of an invocation.
 void T3BeanTransportDef.sendEvent(T3BeanMsg jm)
          Sends an event representing a JavaBean event.
 void t3bm)

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