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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

Uses of Class

Packages that use TransactionException

Uses of TransactionException in bea.jolt.pool

Methods in bea.jolt.pool that throw TransactionException
protected  Result svcname, java.lang.String[] input, Transaction tran)
          Invokes a BEA TUXEDO service.
 Result svcname, DataSet input, Transaction tran)
          Invokes a BEA TUXEDO service.
 Transaction SessionPool.startTransaction(int timeout)
          Starts a transaction.
 int Transaction.commit()
          Commits the transaction.
 int Transaction.rollback()
          Rolls back the transaction.

Uses of TransactionException in bea.jolt.pool.servlet

Methods in bea.jolt.pool.servlet that throw TransactionException
 ServletResult name, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request)
          Invokes a BEA TUXEDO service without an explicit transaction.
 ServletResult name, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request, Transaction tran)
          Invokes a BEA TUXEDO service.

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