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WebLogic Server 5.1.0 API Reference

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Packages that use Result

Uses of Result in bea.jolt.pool

Methods in bea.jolt.pool that return Result
protected  Result svcname, java.lang.String[] input, Transaction tran)
          Invokes a BEA TUXEDO service.
 Result svcname, DataSet input, Transaction tran)
          Invokes a BEA TUXEDO service.
protected  Result SessionPool.newResult(int initCapacity)
          A default factory for the Result.
 Result ApplicationException.getResult()
          Gets the Result object from the BEA TUXEDO service invocation.

Constructors in bea.jolt.pool with parameters of type Result
ApplicationException.ApplicationException(Result result)
          Creates an ApplicationException object.

Uses of Result in bea.jolt.pool.servlet

Subclasses of Result in bea.jolt.pool.servlet
 class ServletResult
          This class provides methods to retrieve each field in a ServletResult object as a String.

Methods in bea.jolt.pool.servlet that return Result
protected  Result ServletSessionPool.newResult(int initCapacity)

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