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Using the Sybase jConnect driver


The jConnect driver is a pure-java, type-4 JDBC driver distributed by Sybase. The driver is bundled with the WebLogic Server distribution and may be freely used.

This document describes how to use the jConnect driver in a connection pool running in WebLogic Server. For complete information on using the jConnect driver you should consult the documentation available on Sybase's website at

Creating a connection pool

To create a connection pool:

  1. Modify the classpath used when starting WebLogic Server. Add the following to the WebLogic Classpath (using the weblogic.class.path property -- not the Java System Classpath):


    (Where weblogic is the directory containing your WebLogic Server installation.)

    For more information on setting your classpath, see Setting Classpath in the WebLogic Server installation instructions.

  2. Add the following to your file, making the correct substitutions for your environment:

    ### Sybase jConnect pool

    Where hostName is the name (or IP address) of the machine hosting the Sybase DBMS, and portNumber is the port where the host machine is listening for requests.

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