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Class com.beasys.BootstrapFactory


public class BootstrapFactory
extends Object
Gets the Bootstrap object associated with a specified connection pool.

Constructor Index

 o BootstrapFactory()

Method Index

 o getClientContext(String)
Gets a Bootstrap object.


 o BootstrapFactory
 public BootstrapFactory()


 o getClientContext
 public static Tobj_Bootstrap getClientContext(String poolName)
Gets a Bootstrap object. The getClientContext method returns a reference to the Bootstrap object that is associated with the poolName connection pool. For each configured connection pool, the WebLogic Server creates a Bootstrap object. A Bootstrap object establishes communication between a client application and a WebLogic Enterprise CORBA domain. If getClientContext cannot find the specified poolname, it returns null.

For example:

Tobj_Bootstrap myBootstrap = BootstrapFactory.getClientContext("myPool");

This code example returns a Bootstrap object in myBootstrap for the connection pool named myPool.

For more information, see Using WebLogic Enterprise Connectivity.

poolname - Name of a configured connection pool
A Tobj_Bootstrap object
Throws: Is
there one?
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