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Admin Help Table of Contents

The WebLogic Server admin facility is a set of servlets that expose the details of the WebLogic Server's operations. Along with the log file, the WebLogic Server Admin facility gives you instrumentation and management tools for the WebLogic Server and all of its processes, including events.

Help is available for each servlet in the Admin facility:

JDBC info

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WebLogic Server Administrators Guide

About the Admin Summary page

The Summary page for the Admin facility provides a quick look at the WebLogic Server's vital statistics, including the WebLogic Server's host and IP address, uptime, and current memory usage and threads.

Several areas on the page reflect a snapshot of the current values when the page was created. You can make AdminMain dynamically update itself by adding the "refreshSecs" argument and a value (the reload interval in seconds) to the URL. For example,

will cause the page to reload once a minute. The minimum number of seconds is limited to 10; if you enter an interval smaller than 10, the page will only be refreshed every ten seconds.

About the WebLogic Server log

Each WebLogic Server maintains its own log file. If you have the property weblogic.system.consoleEnable set to true, everything that is written to the log file will also appear on the console (the shell from which you start the WebLogic Server).

If you are using the WebLogic Server for development, you may have reason to examine the log file. Each entry in the log file has four sections: a date, a severity level marker (1 letter), the facility that logged the message, and the log message. For example:

Date                       Level Facility       Message
Wed Oct 23 21:55:38  1996: <I>   <ListenThread> Listening on port 7001
Levels include:
Information only.
Warning message. A warning indicates an unexpected result, but the operation will continue.
Error. An operation could not be completed, and the operation will not continue.
Security. A security message is information related to security issues like logins, connections, authentication operations, etc.
The facility is the WebLogic Server facility that is performing the operation against which the message was logged.


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