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WebLogic Server Administration
WebLogic Server Administrators Guide

JDBC Info Help

This page shows activity in JDBC connection pools, a feature in WebLogic JDBC. A connection pool is created with a certain number of JDBC connections when the WebLogic Server starts up, and T3Users with access to the pool can then use a JDBC Connection from the pool without the overhead of creating an individual connection. After use, the connection is returned to the pool for another T3User.

You register a connection pool, which includes supplying information about the database, the connection, and the T3Users who can access the pool, in the WebLogic Server's file.

This page shows activity in JDBC Connection Pools. Details include:

  • Name of the connection pool, which is assigned in the file
  • Number of connections currently in use
  • Number of connections currently available in the pool
  • Maximum number of connections that are reserved for use by allowable T3Users, whose names are assigned in the file
  • Total number of connections from the pool that have been requested since the WebLogic Server was started
  • Total number of active connections that have released back to the pool since the WebLogic Server was started
  • Number of clients currently waiting for a connection from the pools
  • Highest number of clients that have ever been waiting
  • Longest period any client has had to wait (in seconds)


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