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WebLogic Server Administration
WebLogic Server Administrators Guide

Connections help

The WebLogic Connections page shows the current active connections to the WebLogic Server. Each T3Client opens a connection to the WebLogic Server as a first step in any multitier application. Each T3Client's workspace has a single connection associated with it.

A T3Connection can only be in used by a single T3Client at any time, but once a T3Client gives up that connection, it is available for reuse by another client. The connection context associated with a T3Client includes the ID of the T3Connection, plus its number of reuses, separated by a colon. A T3Client can connect with a T3Connection, and then disconnect; if the same T3Client connects again, it may have use of a completely different T3Connection.


T3User is the object associated with a T3Client that holds username and password information that allows the client to connect to a WebLogic Server.

Remote address

Remote address is the IP address of the host that requested a connection to the WebLogic Server.

Local port

Local port is the IP port at which the WebLogic Server is listening for incoming requests for connections, over which the connection was made.

Remote port

Remote port is the IP port at which the remote host is connected.

User messages

User messages indicates the number of messages that the user has dispatched over the connection.

Control messages

Control messages indicates the number of internal system messages that this connection has generated.

Number of reuses

Number of reuses indicates the number of times this connection has been opened and closed (reused). The number of reuses is part of the identifier of a T3Client's connection context, which is uniquely identified after the pattern T3ConContext ID:reuse, for example T3ConContext 4:356.


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