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Teaching-> SS02 -> 19504 V Computer Organization/Rechnerorganisation


Lecturer: Schiller
Office Hours: Tuesday 14-15

Location: Takustraße 9, HS
Time: Friday, 10-12, starts 19.04.02


Aufzählung Introduction:

Layered computer architecture, overview, examples

Aufzählung Architecture and components of computer systems:

networks, buses, CPU, RISC, CISC, memory, printers, storage, displays, USB, PCI, examples

Aufzählung Microarchitecture:

microinstructions, microprogramming, pipelining, Pentium/SPARC/picoJAVA

Aufzählung Instruction Set Architecture:

PIO, DMA, interrupts, registers, data types, addressing, instruction formats

Aufzählung Operating system:

virtual memory, synchronization, paging, segmentation

Aufzählung Assembly language level:

macros, linking, loading

Aufzählung Outlook

Participants: computer science students, 2. semester

Prerequisites: Rechnerstrukturen


Criteria for successful participation/Scheinkriterien:

This course comprises lectures and tutorials. Homework assignments will be given for the tutorials. The following is required for the participation in the final exam:


Active participation in the tutorials. This requires your physical presence!


Handing in the assignments right on time, not later! Each assignment will show the deadline.


At least 50% of the max. possible number of points are required.


You have to hand in at least n-1 assignments with at least 25% of the max. possible number of points per assignment (i.e. you have to have at least 25% correct in each but one assignment). n is the number of assignments handed out during the course.


If you hand in a correct solution for an assignment/part of an assignment you must be able to demonstrate your solution/partial solution in the tutorial. Again, this requires your presence in the tutorial. Each student has to present a solution during the course in his/her tutorial. This presentation of a solution is essential for the participation in the exam.


You can work together in groups of max. 3 students and hand in a solution together (don't forget all names). But: each of you must be able to present the solution in the tutorials!

Why these criteria? Well, statistics show that over 85% of students failing in the exams did not do their assignments or did not actively participate in the tutorials. Thus, these criteria are in your own interest!

Fulfilling the criteria allows you to participate in the written exam. To pass the exam 40% of the max. points are needed. The final degree depends on the written exam only.

Homework assignments:

1. Assignment (Deadline: 03. May)

2. Assignment (Deadline: 17. May)

3. Assignment (Deadline: 31. May)

4. Assignment (Deadline: 14. June)

5. Assignment (Deadline: 28. June)

6. Assignment (Deadline: 15. July)

Exam: July, 26th, 2002; 10-12h (incl. preparation etc., location: HS Taku/ZIB/Arnim 3), only paper, pencil & your brain permitted! At least 40% of the max. number of points required to pass. Max. number of points is 60, thus 24 points are required to pass. Duration of the exam is 60 minutes.

Klausur vom 26.7.02

Klausurlösung vom 26.7.02

Klausur vom 11.10.02

Klausurlösung vom 11.10.02

Literature: A copy of the slides is available (and without the slides it is very difficult to follow the lectures...)!
Where? R155, Takustr. 9
When? Tue-Fri, 10:00-12:00 & 14:00-15:00
How much? 5€

Basic text book for this course:

Online material:

Web Forum for the course

Registration for the tutorials is over (210 students have registered for 7 tutorials/30 students per tutorial!) - for changing/joining a tutorial please ask the tutors! It is not possible to have additional tutorials due to the lack of money.

Online documentation for the MIC Microarchitecture

Online documentation for the Intel Pentium 4

Online documentation for the IA-32 (architecture, instruction set etc.)

AMD Athlon™ XP Processor Tech Docs