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From Vision to Reality

Now, Konrad Zuse formulated a vision. He wanted to release the spirits of humans from the stupid tasks of calculations. With the Plankalkül he wanted to capture the difficult problems of engineers in computer programs. The Plankalkül containt more than the pure statements for number calculations. Konrad Zuse also used rules of mathematical logic. It was clear for Zuse, that he wanted to formulate tasks for the computer to solve. His idea was for example, to calcculate bridges. The input data for building bridges should be the type of the bridge and the conditions of the bridge related to the environment. The machine should propose a reliable bridge. He denoted such machines as logistische Maschinen (logistic machines) in opposite to the machine Z4 only appropriate for number calculation by programs (punch tapes).

Slav Petrov 2001-07-02