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Today, in the whole world Konrad Zuse almost is unanimosly accepted as the creator / inventor of the first free programmable computer with a binary floating point and switching system, which really worked. This machine - called Z3 - was completed in his small workshop in Berlin (Kreuzberg) in 1941. First thoughts Zuse's about the logical and technical principles are going back to 1934. Konrad Zuse, also created the first programming language (1942-1945) of the world, called the Plankalkül.

In the past scientists and engineers had many discussions about the components of a computer and who can be accepted a the true inventor of the computer. In the scope of the International Conference on History of Computing from August 14-18, 1998, many scientist discussed on a panel session the question: Who is the inventor of the computer? After the discussion a great majority denoted Konrad Zuse as the most admired computer pioneer.

Slav Petrov 2001-07-02